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Happy New Year

Happy New Year“I am not afraid of storms for I am learning how to sail my ship…”
I wish everyone sail through year 2013 smoothly and happily… Happy New Year.. to everyone : )


Kumortuli 2012

““A religion without a goddess is halfway to atheism”

Location: Kumortuli, Kolkata
Clicked on : 19th August 2012

‘Space JAM’ : Learning Street Photography

‘Space JAM’
(Learning Street Photography)
Location: Shyam Bazar & Kumartuli , Kolkata


Happy World Photography Day to All… Happy Clicking :D

Happy World Photography Day to All… Happy Clicking 😀

Location: Kumartuli, Kolkata, India
Date : 19.08.2012

Life at 30 Days Trial

Hi, It’s been long time since last I wrote here, I almost deleted my all posts except few which you can still see here cause I tried to changed my mind to write on my personal development progress only and later moved on to my personal self hosted blog. But today I thought I should keep writing some words here to keep it alive so I’m gonna write about my current status on personal development.

I read it somewhere in Steve Pavlina’s blog a long ago but never tired, from last week I’m on 30 Days of rigorous personal development schedule, Like every software company provides 30 days trial to it’s users to make them habituated and let them know the total benefits of it. I’m doing 18 new things for 30 Days some of them are No Facebook, Daily Swimming, Jogging, Skipping, Yoga and toughest one for me is going Vegan diet i.e. no non veg & no dairy product.

So far I’m going strong already I have crossed 8 days 🙂

Wish me luck.

See you

Waking up early is fun…..

I didn’t realize this for last two decades since I born.  It’s really good to see ambiance of morning time so calm and energizing.

I’ve a colleague who claims that he has never seen sunrise. I can now imagine what he is missing – the most beautiful part of the day.

What I like most about being an early riser is getting that extra quiet time in the morning.

Just have a look if you rise 3 hrs early in the morning for 50 years

This means 54750 (3×365×50) extra hours or 2281.25 extra days or 6.25 extra years you can enjoy, wow…

Here is few things that I tried for getting early in the morning –

  1. Reason – Most important thing that keeps me motivated for getting up early is the single most strong reason i.e. Why I should wake up early – well my reason is to have great health, I go for jogging, some stretching, push ups, Yoga, and meditation and trust me these things made my whole day.
  2. Go to Bed earlier – The day I go to bed at 11:00 or 11:30Pm, I do wake up early comfortably, but when my clock ticks 12 or 12:30 AM then I find it very difficult to wake up at 5 AM.
  3. Five more Minutes Trap – this is the most common trap where every single beginner early riser like me get trapped and once this 5 more minutes trap starts you end up with 2-3 hours and you don’t even realize it. So when that alarm rings I just jumped out of my bed and say myself no more 5 minutes I’ve got good work to do.
  4. Hold on for first 10 Minutes – Just keep your self awake for 10 minutes because it takes some time to get out of your subconscious mind to consciousness. I do that by washing face with cold water and brushing teeth.  After that you won’t feel of going back to your bed.
  5. Procrastination Trap – Another trap that I found is – aarrhhh not today, I’ll wake up early from tomorrow and tomorrow never comes. To get out of this trap try to use point no 1. .
  6. Make it a Habit – For first few days you’ll feel very difficult to carry on and wanted to switch back to late riser but when you make it in your habit you’ll find it most beautiful thing, here is few tips for making new habit